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Is your organization in need of vital revenue? If so, Funds2Orgs can help. We partner with nonprofits to help them achieve sustainability with REVENUE THAT IS GUARANTEED.

When people find themselves in need, they often turn to nonprofit organizations for help. But when nonprofits need help, who can they turn to?

The answer is Funds2Orgs.

At Funds2Orgs, we hear the distress from many churches, nonprofits, schools, and civic groups that are searching for their next fundraising opportunity. Let us be your agents of change and help fund your future.

In order to thrive and be successful, nonprofits, like their for-profit counterparts; must maintain a steady revenue stream. Unfortunately, sustaining this revenue stream proves difficult for the overwhelming majority of the more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations registered in the U.S.

At Funds2Orgs, we deliver PROVEN fundraising strategies and programs that provide REAL, RELEVANT, and ENGAGING events that make it easier than ever before to fundraise today for future success.

Funds2Orgs partners with you to help create fundraising drives that are branded around YOUR organization. At no cost to you, we help with marketing, public relations, event support, and consultations to ensure that your fundraising drive is a success. That’s right, we cover marketing and public relations costs, provide everything you need for a successful campaign, and even coordinate, handle, and pay for the shipping of collected goods. Then, within 48 hours of receiving your shoes into our facility, your organization is issued a check for the repurposed shoes, clothes and handbags collected.

If your nonprofit, school, church, or civic group is in need of funds, we invite you to contact us now and find out how easy it is for your organization to raise money with risk free, engaging fundraising events that have a proven track record of success.